About Singapore China Friendship Association
Singapore China Friendship Association (SCFA) was initiated by Mr Zhang Qing, the first China's Ambassador to Singapore in 1992. With 10 founding members, it was formally established in July 1993 as a non-governmental organization in Singapore. All Management Committee Members serve on a voluntary basis and the Association is funded by membership fees or through fundraising events.

Vision and Mission

Our vision: To play an active role in contributing towards the strengthening of relations between the people of Singapore and China by promoting better understanding and collaborations between the public as well as private organizations of the two nations.

Our mission: To provide an alternative platform for communication and networking between the people of Singapore and China through various forms of economic cooperation as well as cultural exchange programs.

In addition, SCFA will serve as an informal link between the people of China and Southeast Asian countries by fostering communication and closer relations via various activities or events.


SCFA strives to encourage greater participation of various activities and events organized in Singapore or in China. SCFA welcomes Chinese nationals or new immigrants who are either professionals or students residing in Singapore to become members of the Association.

Initially, SCFA would focus on the following areas:

  • Promotion of Art and Cultural Exchange Programs
  • Promotion of Economic Partnership or Business Activities
  • Promotion of Youth Wing Programs: A Youth Wing Sub-Committee has been newly created. It will organize a series of programs in promoting greater understanding and cooperation between the younger generations of Singapore and China. SCFA will also be involved in the Singapore-China Student Exchange Programs by working closely with the three local universities and junior colleges.
  • Introduction of Immersion Programs for the new immigrants from China
  • Promotion of the "Singapore Experience": SCFA is currently working with Nanyang Technological University to organize a Secretarial-General Training Program鳤ࣩfor the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) and its affiliated associations. This will be a 10-year collaboration program.
  • Organization of Exchange Programs for the Senior Citizens of Singapore and China through another newly created sub-committee - Sub-Committee for the Aged.

To sum up, SCFA hopes to play a part in promoting Singapore as a friendly and open society, one that welcomes talents and makes our friends from China to feel right at home.

Memorandum of Understanding

A Memorandum of Understanding between the Singapore China Friendship Association (SCFA) (formerly known as "Singa Sino Friendship Association") and the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) was signed in May 1994. CPAFFC is a semi-official organization with over 300 affiliated associations in China. To date, it has established relations with more than 500 non-governmental organizations in over 100 countries. The exchange between SCFA and CPAFFC has been very successful. By February 2006, SCFA has organized more than 360 exchange programs with its Chinese counterparts. SCFA has also organized at least 20 visits to various Chinese provinces, including the municipalities. SCFA will continue to play host to visiting Chinese Associations for Friendship with Foreign Countries.

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